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For the companions, see Zygon.

The Zygons are shapeshifting, amphibious aliens from the planet Zygor. Their home world was destroyed in the Time War, and now they are searching for new places to live, including Earth.

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As the Zygons can change their appearance based in another species, many of the Zygons encountered during gameplay are disguised as allies. The disguised Zygons' powers and colors are based on the ally from which they take their form.

Name Description/Image
Zygon A Zygon
Zygon B Zygon B
Zygon C Zygon C
Pixelated Zygon A Pixel Zygon A
Pixelated Zygon B Pixel Zygon B
Pixelated Zygon C Pixel Zygon C

Disguised Zygons have taken the following forms: