When Spoonheads Attack! is the fifty-eighth level of Chapter 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 20979 experience.


The enemies for this level are Spoonheads and a Paradox.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Red SpoonheadEnemy Green

Red Spoonhead

Green 18k 250 1600 3 Upload: Stun for 2 turns 1
Gold SpoonheadEnemy Green

Gold Spoonhead

Green 16k 250 1100 2 Rebuild: Heal 5k HP 2
Blue SpoonheadEnemy Green

Blue Spoonhead

Green 14k 250 550 1
Paradox2Enemy Red

Paradox B

Red 45k 300 2000 2 Lock Time: Lock II: 6 gems for 4 turns 1
Warp: Convert pink gems to green 1


Wave Enemies
1 Red Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead
2 Red Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead Red Spoonhead Blue Spoonhead
3 Gold Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead Blue Spoonhead
4 Gold Spoonhead Blue Spoonhead Blue Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead
5 Blue Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead Red Spoonhead
6 Blue Spoonhead Red Spoonhead Gold Spoonhead Blue Spoonhead
7 Paradox


Wave sevenEdit

Tenth Doctor: Another forced paradox. Someone is following us, trying to get through? But it isn't nearly stable enough.

Seventh Doctor: When the paradox starts to collapse we can loop the resulting energy back on itself, a feedback loop if you will. We'll see if we can stabilize the gateway through the time vortex between us and... Whoever is on the other side. But it will only last for a second or two.


<The paradox starts to collapse but, for a second, glows with intensity as the Doctor initiates the feedback loop.>

<A heavily distorted, unrecognizable, voice shouts through the collapsing gateway,>




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