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Victory of the Daleks: The Progenitor Device is the twenty-sixth level of Chapter 3. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 23349 experience. The rare drop for the level is Dr. Edwin Bracewell.


The enemies for this level are Daleks.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Drone DalekEnemy Red

Drone Dalek

Red 55k 500 1300 3 Sap red: Weaken red gems 60% 1
Eternal DalekEnemy Yellow

Eternal Dalek

Yellow 45k 500 2600 2 Sap yellow: Weaken yellow gems 60% 1
Scientist DalekEnemy Green

Scientist Dalek

Green 50k 500 3500 3 Malfunction: Remove 1
Malfunction: Shuffle 1
Strategist DalekEnemy Blue

Strategist Dalek

Blue 45k 500 2800 2 Sap blue: Weaken blue gems 60% 1
Supreme DalekEnemy Green

Supreme Dalek

Black 55k 500 1500 1 Exterminate: Bomb 4k after 2 turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Drone Dalek Scientist Dalek Supreme Dalek
2 Supreme Dalek Strategist Dalek Eternal Dalek
3 Scientist Dalek Supreme Dalek Strategist Dalek