This guide contains all directly referenced Doctor Who episodes in DWL. Each one is classified by a code: New Series 7, episode 13 = N07-13, Classic Season 26, story arc 4 = C26-04, and so on. The "Seasons" column means the Seasons in which the based levels appear in the game. For classifying reasons, "The Snowmen" is noted as the sixth episode of Season 7, so "The Bells of Saint John" is episode 7 and so on.

Doctor   Number   Name   Seasons  
12th N08-13 "Last Christmas" 2014 Advent
12th N08-12 "Death in Heaven" Season 8
12th N08-11 "Dark Water" Season 8
12th N08-08 "Mummy in the Orient Express" Season 8
12th N08-07 "Kill the Moon" Season 8
12th N08-06 "The Caretaker" Season 8
12th N08-05 "Time Heist" Fan Area, Season 8
12th N08-03 "Robot of Sherwood" Chapter 4, Season 8
12th N08-02 "Into the Dalek" Fan Area, Season 8
12th N08-01 "Deep Breath" Expert Levels, Season 8
11th N07-16 "The Time of the Doctor" Chapter 3
11th N07-14 "The Name of the Doctor" Chapter 1
11th N07-13 "Nightmare in Silver" Chapter 1
11th N07-07 "The Bells of Saint John" Chapter 1
11th N07-06 "The Snowmen" Chapters 1, 3
11th N07-05 "The Angels Take Manhattan" Chapter 1
11th N07-02 "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" Chapter 1
11th N07-01 "Asylum of the Daleks" Chapter 1
11th N06-13 "The Wedding of River Song" Chapter 2
11th N06-12 "Closing Time" Chapter 2
11th N06-10 "The Girl Who Waited" Chapter 2
11th N06-09 "Night Terrors" Chapter 2
11th N06-06 "The Almost People" Chapter 2
11th N06-05 "The Rebel Flesh" Chapter 2
11th N06-02 "Day of the Moon" Chapters 2, 3
11th N06-01 "The Impossible Astronaut" Chapters 2, 3
11th N05-10 "Vincent and the Doctor" Chapter 3
11th N05-05 "Flesh and Stone" Chapter 3
11th N05-04 "The Time of Angels" Chapter 3, Fan Area
11th N05-03 "Victory of the Daleks" Chapter 3
11th N05-02 "The Beast Below" Chapter 3, Fan Area
10th N02-09 "The Satan Pit" Chapter 3, Fan Area
10th N02-08 "The Impossible Planet" Chapter 3
4th C14-03 "The Deadly Assassin" Fan Area
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