A new patch for the game was released today, which includes the following content:

  • The 10th Doctor's Longcoat outfit was added as a rare drop in the Season 7 level The Name of the Doctor: Trenzalore
  • The addition of a new expert level, They are coming, with a 100% drop of an expert version of the 11th Doctor
  • A blue characters sale on the store
  • Fan Area bonus exp was extended until the weekend, and next week all Fan Area levels will have 150% fragment drop rate

Version 2.2 of the game will be released next month, introducing, among other features:

  • Dual color rank 5 characters
  • Reward system for playing the game daily
  • An interface overhaul to make it cleaner, more intuitive and easier to use
  • On/Off toggle for the eye animation when using an ally ability
  • New skins for the gems

Finally, TRG has been releasing new special arts daily for the Doctors in the game. We've seen new images of Doctors 1 - 3 so far. Check out the images and be part of the discussion in the forum:

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