The Version 2.2 Update was released yesterday. New features include:

  • Daily Log-in bonus
  • New design for the user interface
  • New opening screen
  • Achievements Brilliant IBrilliant II and Brilliant III are now working properly
  • Skill cut-in animation can be turned on/off and gem skins can be changed in the Setting Options
  • Expert Pack has been renamed Expert Levels (picture of the new logo needed in the article)
  • Time crystals can now be spent to upgrade a character to max level (article needs to be updated)
  • Level selection page now has a "New" note when a new level is unlocked

New features which will be included in the upcoming sunday night patch (June 30):

  • Rank 5 and rank 5 gem drops
  • New gem skins (Beast skin and Toclafane skin)
  • Challenge levels
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