Today, TRG has released a new letter written by Creative Director Lee Cummings. There, he explains the new mechanics of Version 2.2, and shows us a little of the new design of the game. He also mentions his further plans after 2.2, including a new set of levels to introduce the Fifth Doctor and Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, which wil be dubbed "The hunt for Greyhound One" (a reference to the Brig's codename in UNIT). The letter also comes with a special code. Check it out here:!letter-from-the-creative-director/c23iw

The official Classic Doctor Who profile on Twitter has released a promo code to unlock the 1st Doctor and his Portrait Outfit:

Finally, another new code will be released today, with a portrait outfit for the 2nd, 3rd OR 6th Doctor. The Doctor will be chosen by the viewers in the stream.

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