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    August 22, 2014

    August 22, 2014 by Trenzalore456

    The new Season 8 levels will be introduced this weekend. The levels will have different difficulty sets and will introduce the 100% Drop Twelfth Doctor (black/blue), as well as an expert version in the Expert Levels. It will come with the Version 2.4 update which will also change the game icon, along with other aesthetical updates.

    There will be a new special Twitch Livestream on Sunday 24 which will see the release of an exclusive Jenny Flint outfit, the first in a series of Season 8 costumes.

    Kylie Minogue has signed in for Astrid Peth in the game, and the new Rose Tyler Union Jacket outfit is already in the works.

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    The Season 5 prologue levels, as well as their toned down version The Hunt For Greyhound One were released today as part of the Version 2.3 update. Other features include new characters and perks. To see what information needs to be added to the wiki, keep an eye on the Dalek Pathweb in the main page, and also on Category:Needs Improvement.

    In commemoration of the update, TRG has released here a special code to unlock a single time crystal.

    Next upcoming batch of content in the game is Season 8, which is set to be released around the same time as the eighth season of the Doctor Who TV show. Instead of releasing a singular pack of levels at once, a few group of levels will be released weekly hours after the original BBC broadcast of the episo…

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    The next update for the game, introducing The Hunt for Greyhound One and other features, will go into submission for approval tomorrow. More information in the latest team update.

    The Fourth Doctor was recently confirmed in the game, but it is unknown when will he be added.

    Since yeserday, all Fan Area levels give 150% XP.

    A new code was released today in comemoration of one million installs of the game worldwide. The code gives two time crystals and works until August 10th.

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    This guide contains all directly referenced Doctor Who episodes in DWL. Each one is classified by a code: New Series 7, episode 13 = N07-13, Classic Season 26, story arc 4 = C26-04, and so on. The "Seasons" column means the Seasons in which the based levels appear in the game. For classifying reasons, "The Snowmen" is noted as the sixth episode of Season 7, so "The Bells of Saint John" is episode 7 and so on.

    Doctor   Number   Name   Seasons  
    12th N08-13 "Last Christmas" 2014 Advent
    12th N08-12 "Death in Heaven" Season 8
    12th N08-11 "Dark Water" Season 8
    12th N08-08 "Mummy in the Orient Express" Season 8
    12th N08-07 "Kill the Moon" Season 8
    12th N08-06 "The Caretaker" Season 8
    12th N08-05 "Time Heist" Fan Area, Season 8
    12th N08-03 "Robot of Sherwo…

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    Two new companions have been introduced in the game yesterday: Gabriella (Gabby) Gonzalez and Alice Uwaebuka Obiefune. They can both be unlocked using the promo codes in "Titan Comics 10th Doctor #1" and "Titan Comics 11th Doctor #1", respectively. Gabby and one of her outfits can be unlocked using the code in today's newsletter.

    Please, do not share those codes on the wiki. Both of the characters will also be available in the game as a rare drop when the new Titan Comics levels come out.

    The Hunt for Greyhound One will go into submission for approval in August 1st.

    Today, a new patch was released giving 150% XP for all Season 5 levels, as well as increased drop rate for fragments.

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