A big new patch coming tonight, it will be pushed live at at 9 pm PST.

This new patch will include:

- Retune/balancing of the first 20 levels in season 5.

- Fan Area Jenny "The Doctor's Daughter" is coming to a new elaborate Fan Area level consisting in one wave boss fight. She will drop the first time the player successfully complete the level.

- Time Crystals Sales in the Store (purchase 6 get 1 free, purchase 13 get 2 free, purchase 24 get 7 free, purchase 70 get 10 free, purchase 170 get 30 free).

- In the store itself, will be added the ability to purchase each of the individual Doctors (other than 10th and 11th). The Second Doctor is also added to the Ultimate Doctor Pack.

- All single character purchases in store will be at the special sale price of 2 time crystals.

- Season 5 "all access" mega pack will be added.

- 5 new Expert mode fights with 5 more characters to collect: Rory, Sarah Jane, Strax, 10th Doctor, 2nd Doctor.

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