Tom Baker, The Fourth Doctor, has joined the game!! Doctor Who: Legacy now contains every (canonical/main/TV/<your favorite phrase so that every makes sense to you>) incarnation of our favorite Time Lord.

With the ongoing "madness" of weekly content it is really hard to to do news. Maybe it would have been better to wait for the end of Season 8 or the addition of the next new content batch (TRG has hinted at "Bigger on the Inside" which should launch some time after Season 8), but certainly this news should have been posted even earlier.

In some less other exciting notes the weekly additions lately covered a whole bunch of things, like:

  • most prominent: Season 8 content
  • new Expert Levels
  • new costumes
  • new allies
  • even more stuff (like Roundels as a new gem skin)

With the recent shift to adding smaller chunks of content more frequently, the Wiki currently seems really stable/up to date and "trucking along", so a Huzzah to all contributors and the whole community :-)

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