These are the levels I mostly use to farm stuff. To be honest I write this blog mostly just in case I forget something myself ;-) - but maybe someone else finds it useful.

Note: A large amount of these levels are Fan Area (or other Premium Areas), so for someone who only has the standard levels, this might not be helpful.

Item Level Note
Fragment hourglass (L40) Fragment Hunt (Blue)
Fragment orbit (L40) Fragment Hunt (Green)
Fragment circle (L40) Fragment Hunt (Red)
Fragment eye (L40) Fragment Hunt (Black)
Fragment hex (L40) Fragment Hunt (Yellow)
Fragment heart Fragment eye Whispermen Nightmares A bit worse (but easier) for black/yellow fragments than the Fragment Hunts, so I only do this if I need pink fragments, too.
Fragment heart Fragment hex Snowmen Revisited
XP Fragment triangle Fragment seal Fragment rainbow (L30) Jenny I normally do this only for XP, but it also drops a nice amount of Rank 5 fragments.
Fragment strands of time The Third Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Also drops a nice assortment of other fragments.
Fragment past Fragment future (L50) Experimental Relative Dimension (Past and Future) I'm not really satisfied with this, but haven't found a better level. Suggestions are welcome.

There is also the weekly changing Fan Area level Experimental Relative Dimension, but I find it only really worthwhile if I need both droped fragments. Since it quite often drops a Rank 5 fragment, which I normally have more than enough, I seldom do that level - besides for getting my weekly Time crystal ;-).

Most often I use my 5 color max ATK team to farm these levels. Mostly because that way I can finish them quite fast. Depending on the gems/enemies I can clear most waves in 1-2 turns.

  • For the Chapter 2 levels I need 5 turns. (Basically any non-pink 5gem-combo kills all enemies.)
  • For the Fan Area (L40) Fragment Hunt levels I need around 3 turns. (Depending on which level it is - some I can pretty consistently finish in 2 turns, sometimes I need a bit of luck.)
  • For The Third Doctors Sonic Screwdriver I need around 10 turns. (The first three waves average to a bit less than 2 turns each, the last two waves average to a bit more than 2 turns each.) Luckily Strands of Time aren't needed that often.
  • (L50) Experimental Relative Dimension (Past and Future) is the most painful. I need around 11 turns for this one. Compared to the amount you need to fully unlock all bonus points for a character it also doesn't drop that many fragments. I would say to unlock all 60 points for a single character it is necessary to clear this level more than 40 times.

For (L30) Jenny I use A Mad Man with a Box and all allies I want to level up. As long as I get 5 yellow gems on the board I need one turn. Without 5 yellow gems it depends on how the team/board is composed.

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