Fragment Mining and Level Grinding

I’m a Miner and Grinder when it comes to levelling up my characters. I feel that if I had all my characters levelled up to 50 I would probably lose interest in playing the game until new content comes out which at the moment is once a week. Even so I felt levelling the slow way (without using Time Crystals) was the way for me to go. That way i can save up my weekly 2 time crystals i get with the daily bonus to unlock perks and buy rare characters from the store.

What is Mining and Grinding?

Well for the people new to the game
Mining is when you play levels solely to get time fragments to drop so you can rank up a character. Normally by playing the episodes that appear to have the highest average number of enemies of the colour fragment you require. This does not mean Fan Area only, I have found that some other episodes can produce a high fragment drop rate as well. This is sometimes referred to as Fragment grinding. Grinding is when you play levels to level up your companions. Normally by picking the highest experience gaining level, that has the least amount of waves your current team you wish to level up with can handle and keep on playing it until you can rank them up with the Time Fragments.

Fragment Mining

As fragment mining can be a very subjective subject as what works for one might not work for another I have tried to have at least 2 or 3 levels for each fragment colour per season or area. Also you might find one will stop dropping as often so if you switch around between them you have a better chance of gaining regular drops. It also will keep it interesting.

Although Chapter 1 (old: season 7) is not very good for mining i have included it in case you wish to level new characters and mine at the same time even though the drop rate for fragments appears lower in this season you will occasionally get good drops and also sometimes a time crystal. I have found with some Chapter 1 levels if you kill enemy with one hit it sometimes is more likely to give you a drop. At the moment Season 6 is the best season for fragment mining.

NOTE: with the renaming of the seasons to chapters i have put a quick list below as i wrote this before the change so just in case i miss or slip up you have a reference. Chapter 1 = Season 7 Chapter 2 = Season 6 Chapter 3 = Season 5 Chapter 4 = this chapter at a future date will most likely have the Season 8 lvls (currently in the Specials tab) moved to it.

Fragment Mining levels table

Fan Area Season 8 Chapter 1 (S7) Chapter 2 (S6) Chapter 3 (S5)
Fragment eye Whispermen Nightmares!
Fragment circle When Rorybots Attack! The Beast Below: The Marketplace
Fragment orbit The Return of Mr. Clever! The_Girl_Who_Waited:_Apalapucia?
Fragment hourglass Terror of the Weeping Angels Angels over London The Beast Below: The Star Whale
Fragment hex Sontaran Disturbance: The Snowmen Day of the Moon
Time Attack: Run!
No blue gems: Bubble universe Beta part 2
Fragment heart NOT Dropped Not Dropped until the
last five levels of Season 7
Will Drop in any level Will drop in any level
Fragment seal NOT Dropped NOT Dropped
Fragment triangle NOT Dropped NOT Dropped
Fragment rainbow NOT Dropped NOT Dropped The Impossible Planet

NOTE: the ADVENT in the Specials tab is good at the moment for general mining.

Level Grinding

These are high experience levels with one wave.
Season 7 low level characters. Good for new characters you collected from season 5
Season 6 Mid Level. Can put a new character in with high level character for a quick level jump.
Season 5 to level from 41 to 50. Team Strategy needed.

Fan Area Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5
Jenny Season 7 Finale: An Ancient Hatred The Rise of the Master part 4
The Rise of the Master part 1

Other Guides

There are already a few good guides out on this topic so I thought i would just put out a grid table and point you in the direction of the other guides.

If you wish advise on how to best beat a level mentioned above click on the level link and request it on the comment of that levels page.
Time Fragment Grinding This blog from Blutech100 will give you more indepth help that includes what teams to use and strategy.
Time Fragment Information This is the page with all the information about Time Fragments you will find if you scroll down to the comments at the bottom you will see what other players like to use.

Tips to stop the grinding boredom

Now Levelling and Ranking up this way can be slow and get boring so I Have a few ideas on how to help with this.

  1. You can roleplay. Eg put together teams that were in the tv shows and only play with them for that episode. See my Season 7 Teams – Just for Fun
  2. Introduce a friend or relative to the game by letting them play it on your device or through your facebook “just so they can get the feel for it, see if they wish to install on there own device or in there facebook account”. It is all new to them so it will not seem like a chore.
  3. Play while watching TV though I don't recommend doing a time attack level just in case the show gets interesting and you forget the game until an ad break.
  4. Play while you are watching TheAdiposeTV stream on twitch. Make it a competition and see if you can finish your level before adi does. Using the same team and playing the same lvl as adi.
  5. Play while waiting for the bus, train or other public transport. Again I recommend NOT playing a time attack level just in case your transport arrives you will either miss your ride as you are so close to finishing you forget your waiting for transport or you hop on your transport and by the time you get settled in a seat the timer will have run out.
  6. Grinding while trying to unlock rare characters. You can either have a high lvl team with 4 or 5 characters maxed out at level 40 or 50 and 1 or 2 at the beginning stage of rank 4 or 5 to lvl them up, or you can have a maxed out team if you just wish to mine for fragments and don't need to level any characters up. Either way your having fun attempting to get that rare character to drop.

That is all I can think of if you have any other suggestions I welcome your comments.

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