I thought it would be fun to create a team using only the characters that appeared in the episode.
Due to this reason this team ignores special abilities of characters and HP, ATK,HEAL levels. It is purely together because each character appeared in the TV episode of the same name. I kind of get a kick out of playing the Deep Breath Levels with the Deep Breath characters.

As you can see there are only 4 characters that accompanied the doctor so I added a fan Area Strax, but you can change him out for Clara Oswald + or Strax + as i sometimes do while im levelling them up to add a bit of variety. You might also need to do this if you wish to play the Hard Level of Deep Breath.

Edit:Im feeling like a silly Who Fan at the moment i totally forgot about the Tardis. Im putting the tardis in instead of Fan Area Strax, well at least i get to play the levels again i might even be able to do the Hard one a bit more easier.

At the moment I have yet to level all this team up to Rank 5/Level 50 (R5/Level50).

Easy Level Team

The Twelfth Doctor
Madame Vastra
Jenny Flint
Clara Oswald

12th headMadame Vastra PortraitJenny Flint PortraitStrax PortraitClara Oswald headThe TARDIS head
     Rank2           R5/Level50       R5/Level50       R5/Level47        R4/Level31        R4/Level40
With a little luck and a lot of patience I have beaten the Hard Level with this team you just need to keep an eye on your health.
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