Things I've done today on Wiki:

  1. Made a page for Young Sarah Jane.
  2. Correct a link from The Fourth Doctor to YSarah Jane.
  3. Added The Fifth Doctor and The Winder to a list of THFG1 drops (levels, where they drop where confirmed).
  4. The Fourth Doctor in Miscellaneous Spoilers - added first episode with him.
  5. Added Fan Ace to Miscellaneous Spoilers.
  6. Added photos from DW:L Facebook, that weren't added.
  7. Corrected a bit THFG1 gallery.
  8. Added season, where Ace drops (THFG1)
  9. Changed Idris default costume. To one with no caption.

Things, that should be done too:

  1. Add "first appearence" for "Ninth Doctor Regen costume" in "Fan Area" outfit list.
  2. As soon as more information confirmed: add Brigadier and other characters from THFG1.
  3. Must fix "Spoilers/Exterminate Spoilers" function on YSJane page. Works bad - Spoilers shows only before "Outfits"
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