Hey guys the following levels need to be edited so we can have a finished wiki to help new comers in the game. These levels include of: Meanwhile..., Paradox of the Zygons, No Green Gems: Old friends, older enemies part 1, Sontaran Disturbance: The Name of the Doctor, Time Attack: Angel Hosts, (Mid season 7) The 11th Doctor Challenge 1, The Girl Who Waited: Sacrifice, Second in Command, Angels and Cybermen, Time Attack: Peg Dolls, No Yellow Gems: The Drums, Zygon Onslaught, Closing Time: Under the Streets, The Girl Who Waited: Two Streams, No blue gems: Bubble universe Beta part 2, (Late season 7) The 6th Doctor Challenge 1, Time Attack: Run!, Dalek Invasion 2024: Sudden Defence (Timed), The Almost People: Revenge, Time of Angels Sneak Peak, Zygon Ambush: Churchill and Malohkeh. Thanks Again, Dalek54120

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