Grinding for Fragments

Grinding for fragments can be a tedious process. Knowing what levels have the best drop rates and what characters to bring to those levels can help speed up the proccess. One of the most important things to note is that your characters attack from left to right by primary colors first and then by thier secondary colors. Knowing how much damage a character can do can expidite the process. The higher the attack the less combos you need to make  in order to take down the bad guys. Remeber its 5 gems of the same color to attack every enemy on the screen. Lots of 3 gem matchs work best for taking out a single enemy. Where team slot you put your characters in makes a world a differance. Always put the higher attackers the same primary and secondary color first to maximize your damage output. Always turn one time buffs one they make farming fragments much faster.
 All color fragments:
Season 8 Easy Level: Dark water
Team: The First Doctor, Spoon Head, Jack's Sonic Blaster, Winder (Blue). etc. 

This is the best level to run when have the drop rate buff on and when your farming for every fragment minus the rank 6 frag. Have a team that has high damage and that has the same primary and secondary color.

Perks: Color Enhance set to your primary color, Wave Enhance set to primary color, Color Knowledge set to what your weak against.

Red fragments:

Level: S6 Time Attack: Dinosaurs!

Team: The First Doctor, Spoonhead 11th Doctor, Captain Rory Williams, The Tardis, Sam Garner

Strategy: I chose the First Doctor because of his rank 5 second ability to drop blue gems when gems leave the board. The Tardis can reset the board if no blue gems are up. Spoonhead 11th Doctor changes red and black gems to blue, and Sam Garner changes green and red to blue. I would not use all of their abilities in one turn. When you have lots of blues use Captain Rory to add 10% to all blue attacks for 1 turn.

Blue Fragments:

Season 6 Angels Over London

Team: The Second Doctor + (or regular), Green Adipose, Craig Owens, Fan Winston Churchill, UNIT Medic, Lorna Bucket

Strategy: Change your Damage Perks to Green Damage. Use the color converting abilities to change unused gems to green and if you did not use the Second Doctor’s color-changing first ability then use his second ability to add damage to the green attack.

Green Fragments:

Levels: S6 The Girl Who Waited: Apalapucia? and When Spoonheads Attack!

Team: The War Doctor, River Song, River Song +, Winston Churchill, Red Adipose, Jenny Flint

Change your DMG perks to Red Damage. Use the color converting abilities to change unused gems to red. Use The War Doctor to either stun or attack all of the enemies for a percentage of their current health.

Black Fragments:

Level: S6 Whispers in the Orphanage

Team: The Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith +, Handles, River Song +, Jimmy Wicks Ganger, Elizabeth X

Strategy: Change your DMG perks to yellow and Technical Enhance to horizontal. I recommend The Third Doctor for his drop ten yellow gems second ability. I like to charge up all the abilities and then use Handles, River Song +, Jimmy Wicks Ganger and then Elizabeth X (in that order). That gives me a board full of boosted yellows. Jimmy and Elizabeth X are two big yellow hitters.

Yellow Fragments:

Level: S6 The Wedding of River Song: Giza and Sentinels of History.

Team: The Ninth Doctor +, Oswin Oswald, George Thompson, Tobias Zed, Jennifer Lucas, Fan Jenny

Strategy: Change your DMG perks to black and Technical Enhance to horizontal. Use Fan Jenny and Jennifer Lucas to change gems to pink, then boost them with The Ninth Doctor, THEN use Tobias Zed to convert pink and blue to black. 

Fan Area Random Fragement Hunt is good for 1 time cyrstal once a week plus two differant fragments have a great drop rate increase. Note that the two colors change each week.​

 The Fan Area is one of the best places to grind for fragments.  Be warned you want a high level team. The higher the levels the better.

Recommend Levels: Fragment Hunt's Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Pink.

Recommend Team's: You want your Doctor that has the highest attack in his respected primary color. For Companions I reccommend ones that have the highest attack in the color of your team. I place high value on a mono colored team. 

Perk's: Set them to to your teams primary color and put Weakness Enhance to the color of the enemy your facing. If your running the red hunt set it to blue 50% more damage to red. 

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