When Season 5 was finally released in April, I participated in the speed run during that Easter weekend. While I was not the fastest to beat it, I still managed to beat it within 48 hours of release.

Before the difficulty rebalancing, Season 5 was definitely hard, even harder than some of the newer Expert Levels. I got through with 2 teams, 1 is the bombers team to deal with the Toclafane and the other is my mono-blue team, the team I am going to show case here:

Allies 11th head Spoonhead 11th Doctor head 11th Doctor Flesh Clone head Captain Rory Williams head Silent blue head The TARDIS head
Category Balanced Offensive Balanced Offensive Healer Balanced
Power Damage Convert Convert Boost Stun Reset

The truth is this team is not very different from the one I used near the end of Season 6. (The team I showcased last week) So why did make the changes?

The change is once again due to a lack of power. A fact more noticable when trying to speed run Season 5. As I said, Season 5 was hard before the rebalancing, mono teams was the only reliable way to get enough damage. The truth is the strategy hasn't evolved from previous season. However this team is more balanced than before by having stun all to get out of potentially deadly attacks and reset to deal with the increasingly frequent of lock and blind.

Overall prior to gaining Rank 5 allies, this is the pinnacle of convert and boost.

Next week we arrive at the end of our look back at first year of Doctor Who: Legacy, we will take a look at how Rank 5 and perks evolve convert + boost.

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