Contiuing from last week, now we turn our attention towards the end of Season 6. For me , multi color teams suffer from a massive drop in power in Season 6, levels takes much longer to beat and I began looking for ways to increase my damage output.

There are several ways to increase damage output: First allow more allies attacking during the same turn, thids in turn meant putting in more allies of the same color. Second increase the number of gems in 1 combo. Third, Increase the number of combos boost the damage of the gems and finally boost the damage of the gems. Of the 4, the number of combos that can be achieved is based on luck. The rest are to a certain degree, within the players' control.

As a result we start seeing early conception of convert + boost combo and this is the result

Allies 11th head Spoonhead 11th Doctor head 11th Doctor Flesh Clone head Captain Rory Williams head Stormageddon head George Thompson head
Category Balanced Offensive Balanced Offensive Balanced Offensive
Power Damage Convert Convert Boost Convert Stun

This team assumes player have access to the Fan Area to unlock Stormageddon. However without access to Fan Area, Stormageddon and George Thompson can be swapped with Handles and Madame Vastra.

This whole team builds upon the convert + boost combo. While the convert abilities are ready by turn 4, wait an additional turn to let Captain Rory Williams' boost to become ready. Then trigger the abilities of Spoonhead 11th Doctor and 11th Doctor Flesh Clone followed by Captain Rory Williams' boost.Combining it with Stormageddon and you have a board only 3 colors, This improves the probability that combo with large number of same color gems avaiable, allowing for massive combo which in turn leads to massive damage.

It is actually possible to bring in UNIT Commander instead of George Thompson but this lowers the black damage too much to be effective and the much longer cooldown of UNIT Commander's ability also does not help,

This team is also very flexible, allowing you to swap George Thompson with Malohkeh if Cure Poison is needed.

Some people would also argue Sam Garner is better than 11th Doctor Flesh Clone for this team but to be fair there is enough damage from Spoonhead 11th Doctor and Captain Rory Williams, so it is bettter to increase other stats.

Once again perks are not necessary here but extra damage is always helpful.

Overall this team is as strong as it will get before Season 5 and it will definitely get you pass the Season 6 finale and the epilogue.

Next week, Season 5.

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