It's nearly a year since the game launched, I thought I would share some team ideas, more importantly do something we don't do very often here, provide some recommendations/ideas for beginners of the game.

This first part starts with Season 7. Early in Season 7, the team combination is not important becuase a at the start of the game, most of us do not have a lot of companions to choose from.

However towards the end of Season 7, we should all be familiar with the game  and most of us would have come up with 1 or 2 teams that we are comfortable with. At this point in the game, it is not quite possible to have a mono/duo color team yet because we haven't reached Season 6. Therefore going into the finale, most of us would still be running a multi color team and the following team is the one I used nearly a year ago:

Allies 11th head Madame Vastra head Strax head Clara Oswald head Rory Williams head Porridge head
Category Balanced Offensive Healer Tank Healer Tank
Power Damage Damage Healing Healing Healing Bomb

So this is it, a team with companions that are obtained early in the game and at level 20/rank 2, quite well balanced for late Season 7. In terms of stat, there is a lack of green damage at this point but I got a right balance in terms of Health and Healing. I also got 3 healing abilities ready if things turn bad as well as 3 abilities that are used to provide damage. Overall there is nothing particualrly special about this team but it will get you to Season 6 .

Perk wise, it is not important since back then perks weren't introduced yet and the game was designed to be balanced without them in the first place. While there are not much to choose from, they do provide a some amount of buff, feel free to experiment at this stage in the game.

Next week, Rank 4 Late Season 6 + Epilogue, Early Season 5, my first duo color team.

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