• Alpha1812

    By the time The Hunt for Greyhound One was released, perk was released and rank 5 turned every converter convert 2 colors. these 2 changes actually brought a big change to the Convert + Boost combo.

    First of all with the perk Wave Enhance, it has made boosters with 10% boost less useful. Second it now takes 6 turns charge up convert. In certain senses, these changes are both blessing and curse to Convert + Boost combo. On the one hand, there are 2 more turns of cooldown of convert. On the other hand, it is now possible to have a mono color team that can convert an entire board into a single color. However with the increase in power, I have gone back to a duo color team since it is strong enough to deal with the threats at this point. This …

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  • Alpha1812

    When Season 5 was finally released in April, I participated in the speed run during that Easter weekend. While I was not the fastest to beat it, I still managed to beat it within 48 hours of release.

    Before the difficulty rebalancing, Season 5 was definitely hard, even harder than some of the newer Expert Levels. I got through with 2 teams, 1 is the bombers team to deal with the Toclafane and the other is my mono-blue team, the team I am going to show case here:


    Category Balanced Offensive Balanced Offensive Healer Balanced
    Power Damage Convert Convert Boost Stun Reset

    The truth is this team is not very different from the one I used near the end of Season 6. (The team I showcased last week) So why did make the changes?

    The change is once ag…

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  • Alpha1812

    Contiuing from last week, now we turn our attention towards the end of Season 6. For me , multi color teams suffer from a massive drop in power in Season 6, levels takes much longer to beat and I began looking for ways to increase my damage output.

    There are several ways to increase damage output: First allow more allies attacking during the same turn, thids in turn meant putting in more allies of the same color. Second increase the number of gems in 1 combo. Third, Increase the number of combos boost the damage of the gems and finally boost the damage of the gems. Of the 4, the number of combos that can be achieved is based on luck. The rest are to a certain degree, within the players' control.

    As a result we start seeing early conception o…

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  • Alpha1812

    It's nearly a year since the game launched, I thought I would share some team ideas, more importantly do something we don't do very often here, provide some recommendations/ideas for beginners of the game.

    This first part starts with Season 7. Early in Season 7, the team combination is not important becuase a at the start of the game, most of us do not have a lot of companions to choose from.

    However towards the end of Season 7, we should all be familiar with the game  and most of us would have come up with 1 or 2 teams that we are comfortable with. At this point in the game, it is not quite possible to have a mono/duo color team yet because we haven't reached Season 6. Therefore going into the finale, most of us would still be running a mul…

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  • Alpha1812

    With patch 2.2 now out and the secondary color feature is officially in use with the character template. Here the things to come

    Things to do:

    insert the attributes and power table tempalte for all doctor and companions

    complete all atribute and power for all allies.

    Add information about Extra Health, Silent (black)'s new power

    Add information about Secondary color on gem colors page

    Things to implement:

    wikia charatcer template automatic edit -- this is expansion of the character template, so it will automatically edit the first 2 paragraphs for each allies

    If successful, auto edit categories as well

    change the charater template to auto insert their respectable portrait --- DONE

    condense the attributes table and power table tempaltes for rank 1 an…

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