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Unholy Alliance: A New Ally is the forty-eighth level of Chapter 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 18978 experience. The rare drop for the level is Church Bishop.


The enemies for this level are members of the Church, Headless Monks and a Dalek.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Church BishopEnemy Red

Church Bishop

Red 16k 250 1100 2
Church ClericEnemy Red

Church Cleric

Red 15k 250 450 1 Bandage: Heal 3500 HP 2
Church VergerEnemy Red

Church Verger

Red 20k 250 1100 2
Headless Monk AEnemy Black

Headless Monk A

Black 18k 250 1400 3
Headless Monk BEnemy Black

Headless Monk B

Black 15k 250 450 1
Headless Monk CEnemy Black

Headless Monk C

Black 18k 250 1000 2
Headless Monk DEnemy Black

Headless Monk D

Black 18k 250 950 2
Headless Monk EEnemy Black

Headless Monk E

Black 18k 250 1200 2 Pray: Summon 1
Supreme DalekEnemy Black

Supreme Dalek

Black 22k 250 1500 1


Wave Enemies
1 Church Cleric Church Bishop
2 Church Verger
3 Headless Monk D Headless Monk E
4 Headless Monk C Headless Monk C
5 Headless Monk A
6 Headless Monk B Headless Monk E Headless Monk D
7 Supreme Dalek



Sixth Doctor: You humans, you're so, so...

Tenth Doctor: Brilliant! You've already come so far, from swamps to trees to cities to the moon and that's just the start!

Eighth Doctor: Alpha Centauri looks so far away now but it won't be for long. From the Dundra system to the Boeshane Peninsula, Malcassairo, even Metebelis III, you will spread through the universe like a...

Eleventh Doctor: Wave of light and hope and creativity shaping the universe around you in the most wonderful ways. You dream and you create and nothing stops you. You look at the world around you and you imagine a reality you want to live in and you create it through sheer force of will. And I think... I think I have a plan.