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A time fragment is an item used to rank up the player's allies. They are obtained from enemies, who sometimes drop time fragments when defeated. They can also be obtained through the daily log-in bonus, and occasionally there will be packs for purchase in the in-game store or rewarded through codes. There is a limit of 250 time fragments per color. No fragments of a particular color will drop once the player has reached the limit, but fragments obtained through codes can cause the limit to be exceeded.


The color of time fragment an enemy could drop is typically determined by its own gem color; it will usually drop a time fragment of the same color. However, some enemies drop time fragments of a different color.

Color Black Blue Green Red Yellow
Time Fragments Fragment eye Fragment hourglass Fragment orbit Fragment circle Fragment hex

Each level in the game lists one or two colors of time fragments that will most likely be dropped by enemies in that level, but sometimes additional colors will be dropped. Pink fragments are never listed.

Pink fragments[]

Fragment heart

Pink heart-shaped fragments can drop in the last five levels of Chapter 1 (The Name of the Doctor: A Wound in Time onward) and all subsequent chapters of the game. They do not drop in the Fan Area outside of (L40) Fragment Hunt (Pink) and (L20) Fragment Hunt (Random).

Rank 5 fragments[]

Name Omega Rassilon Infinity
Time Fragments Fragment triangle Fragment seal Fragment rainbow

Rank 5 fragments are used to level up allies to rank 5. They are found in the last ten levels of Chapter 3 (Meanwhile... onward) and all subsequent chapters of the game, as well as later levels of the Fan Area (Jenny onward). Omega fragments are dropped by blue, green and red enemies and Rassilon fragments are dropped by black and yellow enemies, while Infinity fragments can be dropped by enemies of any color.

Rank 6 fragment[]

Fragment strands of time

Rank 6 fragments (Strands of Time) are used to level up allies to Rank 6. They can drop in Sonic Adventure, The Husbands of River Song, Fan Area and Expert Levels Season 2.

Bonus stat point fragments[]

Fragments of the future and fragments of the past can be used to add bonus points to a companion's stats. They currently drop only in the Fan Area, Expert Levels Season 2, and the Daily UNIT Missions. One fragment of the future or eight fragments of the past are required to add one extra stat point. The maximum number of points that can be used on a companion depends on their rank.

Name Fragment of the Future Fragment of the Past
Time Fragments Fragment future Fragment past