• Hi Toto88,

    maybe you want to move News:_May_7th,_2014 into the User blog:Toto88 domain? I am not familiar with the News system, but all the other news are in User_blog-domains and they are shown on the main page and your news is not shown; so I think, the different domain could be the reason.

    Best regards, The Tenth Christopher

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    • to be honest i'm not familiar with news system neither :D....still figuring out how it works :(

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    • i think i've done it correctly now, still not showing tho

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    • I can see it on the main page now. :) I am not sure, if it is merely coincidental or due to the move. (Although the "m" in "May" is small now.)

      Best regards, TenthChristopher

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    • A FANDOM user
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