• howdee,

    i am trying to fill out the last pieces of my inventory... the promo-codes page was updated yesterday, which got me to thinking/looking around again...

    in particular, in the Doctors-section i am missing two sets-of-2 outfits... a - The Third Doctor has three special Alternate Velvet Jackets... i have a vague memory that there was some contest or way to get the other-two (purple and red)... currently i only have the green... b - A Mad Man with a Box has two further outfits (headshots showing in my game) beyond the six already listed... do we know what they are/were and how to get them...

    there will be other outfits that i am missing in my allies sections - but i thought i would start with the doctors... is there any chance that we can get more promo-codes - or, alternatively, a way to spend crystals (like in the Character roll for any missing outfits ?

    when i go to the character-roll, it says that i have all the available characters - and there does not seem to be any way to get an answer for outfits... help ?

    tia, h.

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