• If anyone here is interested. The game has separate stories (three at the moment) and would not need as intensive updating as Doctor Who Legacy did.

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    • cool... i havent got any steam-games/setups, but i (and i assume others here) HAVE been watching the announcements... in particular, when it makes it over to android-games for my phone - i will prolly grab it and give it a go...

      its funny, i still checkin on dwlegacy - cuz i never quite finished getting all the characters (much less levelling them all up)... this site is still AWESOME for reference material !!!

      i think a new dw-infinity wikia could be great too... probably need someone with a vision of what it (a new wikia site for DW-I) could provide people for the new game... the only minor note i saw which said that after-3-tries folks can continue to move forward in the game/storyline (without beating the level) seemed like a very good idea...

      is there a sub-reddit for the game ? idk - i would think the first, most-useful thing, might be a place for people to chat with each other... for all i know, that has already started to gel (whereever steam-folks normally chat about stuff)... once folks are playing it - then it might naturally develop its own fandom-area... for instance, when i was playing candy-crush - it never occurred to me to go online to look for a site like this... i assume there is some sort of candy-crush type of wikia (or more likely a place to compare high scores ? idk) ???

      i assume that dw-i will (or not, if it does not need it) develop its own fandom once someone who plays it regularly - decides that there is a need for something that the game, itself, does not provide... for me, here at dw-legacy, it was a way to finally-beat level-XYZ; or to find out just how many new-chars i was missing... also, a place to chat with others who were having similar goals...

      my little labor-of-love over at stwog will probably never catch on or be too-useful - because the game, itself, does not really need it... occasionally someone has one semi-specific question, which i can (or not) answer... but beyond that, i futz around with it because it is fun, in and of itself, to do so...

      if someone else stumbles over here, im sure they will have their own (esp. if they have played it - dw-I ) thoughts about things... but i just thought id let you know that i/we have always REALLY appreciated your walkthroughs and insights... i can check back in with an even longer-babble once i get to the actual game...

      hiya & hth, h.

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    • I don’t believe we have a reddit but we do have a discord server set up. Rough plans for mobile release to be around the 5th of September.

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