• FYI, I am no longer updating Daily UNIT Missions, Weekly Bonus Experience, or the weekly ERD in the Fan Area. If content creation for this game ever resumes, I will act accordingly.

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    • They added Missy as a character last month, and will be doing at last a little bit more with Legacy. Will you be adding those or should someone else?

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    • oh yeah - i just put a comment on the appropriate Challenge Levels page... hth, h.

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    • I've finally regained access to the game, so I'll do what I can to help.

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    • Thank you, Hfelton and Dominodalek! I know anyone can contribute, but I've seen some of the planning and discussions that have happened on this wiki the last few years, and I don't want to make mistakes or cause problems when the wiki's so close to being done!

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    • wrote: I don't want to make mistakes or cause problems when the wiki's so close to being done!

      howdee and welcome - and the nature of ANY wiki is that it is ok to make mistakes and try things... heck, even if things seem done - as long as this game keeps being played, there is surely something else to add or note or... so if you see something that is not right or that seems like it could be done differently by you then by all means... Be Bold

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    • Sorry, I haven't been checking in or playing the game at all. I played recently only to get Missy and the outfits. If we get word that any more significant updates to the game are coming, beyond a single level here and there, I will re-engage.

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    • wellp - i finally got around to catching the Portraits needed for Missy, but i had already upgraded her too far to get the Head needed... if one of yall have her down at a lower-level, maybe take a screen-capture and upload it into the right spot and i think itll be good...

      btw - i dont have the polly-wright-+ character yet, so i cannot add ATK2 data; but i AM starting to put together a manual listing of all-my-stuff just for fun (and boredom)... the blanks will be available for anyone else at sandbox5 and my-set is at sandbox4... will try to finish it up sometime fairly soon and advertise it a bit better for anyone else who is interested...

      have fun, h.

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    • Missy head taken care of. That much I can do. :)

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    • Game over.

      Greetings Doctor Who fans and friends -

      It is with a heavy heart we report that we are shutting down Doctor Who: Legacy effective two weeks from now.

      Our agreement has ended with the BBC and we have chosen not to attempt another renewal.

      We're incredibly proud of what we accomplished with our very first mobile game at Tiny Rebel, which this was. We set out with some wild ambitions about free to play and creating a fan-driven experience that put the player's experience first and never compelled you to spend money unwillingly.

      We know there are some sore feelings about our transition to Doctor Who Infinity. They were never meant to be games put side by side. They are unique and represented a new challenge for our 2 person company. After 5 years of supporting a free to play game as a live service, we needed something new creatively to focus on and while we felt we could devote time to both, Infinity became a creative monster which took up an incredible amount of time and energy. We're very proud of that game as well which remains in soft launch while we finish up stories 4 and 5 for release in the Spring.

      We also have a new, ambitious non Doctor Who project in its infancy which we will be spending the next two years on with some incredible partners and which you'll hear announcements about soon.

      What the shut down means is that those of you who have the app can continue to play it offline for as long as you like. We are going to make a decision about when to remove the install from the stores but we would encourage you to not delete it if you plan to keep playing. ALL IN APP PURCHASING WILL BE TURNED OFF LATER TODAY! If you do reinstall from the store, you will be getting the last updated client but no patching.

      We have a final promo code which will unlock a large number of time crystals for your convenience so you can use them in your offline game play and also unlocks the Fan Area:


      We are so grateful for your support over the years.

      Lee and Susan The Tiny Rebels

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    • omg, omg, OMG !!!

      it is totally random that i logged in today, but this is sad/amazing/unexpected/... news !!! honestly, im not sure what my feelings are, but i imagine that yall are having similar ones too (altho maybe relief is the best one ? lol/idk...) i wish you the BEST luck at finishing up the stories for dw-Infinity and everything else !!! and thanx SO much for creating (and maintaining for these many years) this game...

      (OT, but fyi) -----

      i was just futzing around (upgrinding Alice Uwaebuka Obiefune) and noticed that her power-title changed from 'grief' to 'denial' (and apparently all the way thru to joy, eventually - according to this wikia...) and wanted to double-check (for reference) if my notes were correct... i have been (very slowly) grinding up characters - and at least had taken every character up from lvl-1 to lvl-11 so far... oddly, my next "goal" was gonna be to see what the maximum "star-value" was gonna be (im currently at 1076)...

      the data that has been available here (this site) to look thru and double-check and ??? has been amazing... i (and im sure others) really appreciate/d all the patience yall have had for us newbies... maybe we werent totally perfectly knowledgeable about dr.who or editting-wikis or whatever... but yall have been SO SO helpful and gracious about everything...

      also, having this note (and explanation) for the closure is AWESOME !!! i have no idea what amount of license/royalty issues you dealt with (with BBC) but your relationship with them seems to still be going strong - and thats great...

      im sorry that this game will shut down (only 2 weeks ? aaaack !?!?!)... i guess we will see how gameplay or access into the game saves changes ; but at least i wont have to wonder whether a whole new Doctor (female) and characters (latest season) are going to be added...

      again, Thank You for Everything...

      hugs, h.

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    • If anyone still has the game installed with the last update that pushed Missy into the game please contact me at discord Stiff#0498 I need the latests obb files to "update" my game and be able to get her :(

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