• So, from my experience at another wiki, we generally make infoboxes alignments a bit different than from here.

    Here, when we reach the end of a parameter, we put one "space" between the last letter of the word and the "=", like this:

    |is Expert? = true
    |doctor/companion = doctor

    However, over there, we add enough spaces, so every "=" is below the other on the infobox, like this:

    |is Expert?       = true	
    |doctor/companion = doctor

    Once the page is published, it makes no difference at all (visually). However, since most of us here create pages through the code, it can be a bit of a time saver (instead of moving all the way to the where the other "=" is, we can just hit the "down" key on the keyboard, or move the mouse a bit below.

    As User:Alpha1812 warned us to keep an eye on pages getting too big, there's a good news on this: the pages don't get much bigger than they already are. I made these changes to A Mad Man with a Box. You can see that these changes only added 310 bytes to the page (less than 10% of the total size). Do you think this changes are good, or should we just go back to the way it was?

    This change would affect all Category:Allies, Category:Enemies and Category:Levels pages, and I'd make sure to go through all of them to make the changes (although, I have to admit, kind of slowly, because it will affect almost every page on the wiki)

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    • I have no strong feelings on this either way, but I see you have buy-in from Alpha so I'm fine with the change. I probably won't have time to help out for the next couple of weeks, but let me know what you get done and I can pick it up at some time in the future.

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    • Yeah, I also expect this to be a slow-paced change, as I probably won't have much time for it. Actually, I just recently remember I still hadn't finished uploading the missing backgrounds, which I'll finish first. Probably, I'll begin by changing the infoboxes from Category:The Doctor, which has fewer pages, then Category:Companions, then Category:Enemies, and, finally, and slower than ever, Category:Levels.

      I'll probably make a "sandbox" page listing everything that needs to be done in detail, once I actually start making these changes, so you can keep an eye on that, and also feel free to edit it if you help too.

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