• The following files have been updated (I've also already removed them from "Category:Placeholder images"):

    -St. Mary Street, Cardiff- 2

    -Vegas 12

    -Cyber-ship Interior - 2

    -Egypt - 2

    -Androzani Major

    -Silent Spaceship - 2

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    • Thanks, I will remove them from the lists on your message wall as you post datamined versions.

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    • Also:

      -Forest of death.jpg

      -Tower of London.jpg

      -Merchant Street.jpg

      -Silent Spaceship - 3.jpg

      -London 1941.jpg

      -Krop Tor - 2.jpg

      -London (Dark Water) - 2.jpg

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    • Just curious, did KungWho's advice about transparent png files help solve the issue of datamining backgrounds that are overlays of different images?

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    • Sadly, no. I guess that the backgrounds are handled differently from the ally/enemies. The allies/enemies images are already transparent backgrounds. The level backgrounds, I don't know why, are different.¬†Unfortunately, I think we will need to keep some of the files as the screenshot versions.

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    • It's not such a big deal, since we only have a dozen or so screenshots out of all the backgrounds. It would be nice if Dominodalek or someone else with the Facebook version could get more complete screenshots. I did notice that if there is dialogue at the start of a level, the full art shows for just a flash before the row of allies appears. I can try to get better screenshots if I can do it fast enough!

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    • Yes, I have also noticed this dialogue delay (with luck, all needed images will appear on a level with dialogue). Anyway, I'll eventually try to do it as well.

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    • Unfortunately, since the update yesterday, I am no longer seeing this delay on iOS. I don't think there's any way I can get better screenshots.

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    • I'll later check if my game still shows this delay (specially since my phone already delays apps by itself) and try and get these

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    • So, it seems that they have made a change for this on Android as well. The delay has stopped showing up for me too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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