• I noticed your earlier comment on the duplicate Ood disambiguation page. The reason the naming is like that is due to the names of the other pages. For example, Ood is the full name of one of the characters in the game, but Adipose is not. So there's a primary article for the term "Ood" (the yellow Ood, which is simply named "Ood" in the game), but not for the term "Adipose"; the term "Adipose" necessarily needs disambiguation. Essentially, "disambiguation" itself in a title is also a means of disambiguation, but it's only needed if there's already something with the exact name of the term being disambiguated. (This is also the naming convention used by Wikipedia: wikipedia:WP:DABNAME.)

    PS: Also, sorry for not replying to your request on my wall the other day. I see User:KungWho got around to it, though.

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    • Thanks, I had forgotten that the yellow Ood was simply Ood, and couldn't figure out why the Adipose page worked differently. Now I understand.

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