• Hey, when you are editing, can you double check your edits, you removed the category when editing convert teams page

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    • Sure.  I thought I did, though.  What category did I remove?  I looked at the diff output of my changes and didn't see anything major wrong.  I might not have been reading it correctly, since I don't have much experience with it yet.  I didn't see some of the changes I actually did make, so I wondered about that.  I'll triple check it all next time.

      I originally went to edit the Convert Teams page because I truly don't see the usefulness in being able to sort the Companions and Portrait columns, so I was planning on adding a class="unsortable" to those columns over the five tables.  As I thought about it, and was adding the Stone redirect and "correcting" spelling and grammar that I thought made the page less readable, I decided against adding the unsortable attribute because I thought I might get some backlash, which I'm not looking for, because I'm new here.

      By the way, "ingame" is not a word.  It's either "in game" or "in-game", the latter I think applying in this page's context.

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    • @IEscape: Thanks for trying to help and welcome to the wiki :-)

      @Alpha: While IEscape did drop the category (I think because he wanted to get rid of the noinclude, which is no longer needed), I think a more appropriate way to handle such a situation is to just add the category instead of reverting the edit (especially without stating why the revert happened).

      I think other than the dropped category IEscape's edit wasn't bad (and it seems that you applied most of it after the revert) - other than that I personally find "in-game" really ugly, though unfortunately "ingame" doesn't seem to be a proper word :/.

      This whole "revert+post on wall" just screams "you did something you shouldn't have done", while I think a better message would be "thanks for helping, if you want to be even be more helpful, you could improve by doing <x>"

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    • To be fair, convert teams page is the one page I found making edits seems to break it a lot, hence I am rather protective of that page.

      @IEscape, I have manually restored the majority of your edits back in but like I said the convert team page has a habit of breaking itself before hence I reverted it just in case. Also don't add unsortable to those tables, the reason is you will remove the ability of those tables sortable by HP, ATK and heal.

      @DWGuy, by the way since you are already in this conversation, I finally figured out why the section Max Atk teams is always misaligned when we edit it normally. According to the code, the content was not inside the table, causing it to move around every time we edit it. Not too sure how it was working before but anyway it's fixed now but if there are any updates, that bit might become broken again so keep an eye out.

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    • @sortable: It should be possible to exlucde only specific rows. If that is the case I wouldn't mind removing that option from the first to rows (though it doesn't bother me enough to investigate it myself ;).)

      @Max Atk section: I have honestly no clue what you are talking about.

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    • Do you recall the first time I try adding category to the article? it ended up like this:

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    • IEscape
      IEscape removed this reply because:
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      21:21, February 16, 2015
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    • I understand being protective of the Convert Teams page.  It's a really useful resource and one of my go-to pages for building teams. I appreciate the hard work you guys put into that page, among others.

      I corrected the table issue in the Max ATK teams section with my initial edit.  I didn't understand why the preview page was showing a bunch of table source code beside the actual information, and thought it might have been something I did in editing.  I realized that the

      {| cellpadding="5"

      at the end of the Max ATK information was the culprit, though I thought at first it might have been for spacing purposes. I moved the information into the table and added a border="0" to the table as well, because I thought it would keep the page looking like it was at that time. I guess the borderless table isn't necessary in this case, which leads me to the question:

      Is there someplace I can view the special classes/parameters/whatever that this wiki uses? Parameters like id="mw-customcollapsible-ConvertersBlue" or :Convert teams/row or :Convert teams/rowBig. It would be nice to see a full list of them all, or know how to view them individually. Then I could see what has been pre-built and is available to use for editing, and understand what's going to happen or be needed with any of them. Thanks in advance! :-)

      Oh, and you can definitely make specific columns unsortable. I still don't find the usefulness of having those first two columns sortable, but I'll leave it up to one of you to add this, if you agree and see fit. For example:

      {| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table sortable" style="text-align:right"
      ! style="text-align:center;" class="unsortable" | Companions
      ! style="text-align:center;" class="unsortable" | Portraits
      ! style="text-align:center;" | [[File:HP-icon.png|15px]]<br />HP
      ! style="text-align:center;" | [[File:Heal-icon.png|15px]]<br />Heal
      ! style="text-align:center;" | [[File:ATK-icon.png|15px]]<br />ATK
      ! style="text-align:center;" | [[File:Blue.png|15px]]<br />ATK
      {{:Convert teams/row|Angie Maitland|Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +|Spoonhead 11th Doctor|6484|1855|10020|8517}}
      {{:Convert teams/row|Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +|Spoonhead 11th Doctor|The Teller|7663|1639|9512|8126}}
      {{:Convert teams/row|Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +|Fan Impresario Webley|Spoonhead 11th Doctor|5378|4042|8823|7596}}


      Companions Portraits HP-icon
      Angie Maitland
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +
      Spoonhead 11th Doctor
      Angie Maitland PortraitBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart + PortraitSpoonhead 11th Doctor Portrait 6484 1855 10020 8517
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +
      Spoonhead 11th Doctor
      The Teller
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart + PortraitSpoonhead 11th Doctor PortraitThe Teller Portrait 7663 1639 9512 8126
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +
      Fan Impresario Webley
      Spoonhead 11th Doctor
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart + PortraitFan Impresario Webley PortraitSpoonhead 11th Doctor Portrait 5378 4042 8823 7596

      Wow. I just spent 60 minutes trying to get cellpadding to work in the above table. I changed its class to "wikitable" from "article-table" because the preview was giving me a table with line breaks in the Portraits column, presumably because of the tighter width of a talk page? I don't know. Switching to the "wikitable" class solved that, but took away the ability to pad the table. Really frustrating.

      Maybe it has something to do with the

      :Convert teams/row? I tried adding | to the beginning of the information rows, but that broke the table as well.
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    • Yes that's what i figured out was the problem but now I feel stupid since you fixed it and I reverted it, no matter, it's fixed now. Those custom stuff are all created by DWGuy, so even I do not know the whole thing. I have the philosphy of if it ain't broken, don't fix it but since it seems the unsortable is working fine, I will add them in a bit.

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    • On "being protective": imo being protective is exactly on the opposite side of what makes wiki's such great resources. Everyone can contribute, and if someone can improve an article (in whatever way) I see no harm in editing. Even if you do something wrong, it is generally pretty easy to rollback (though you should try to at least preview any non-trivial change).

      On templates in general: If you see something inside double curly bracelets like {{Character}}. They can normally be accessed as Template:Character. The ":" signalizes that this specific template isn't located in the Template namespace, but in the article namespace (because it is imo too specific) and can be accessed as Convert teams/row. For a list of templates you can try Category:Templates, though I'm not sure how good it is organized or this page. Templates are often included in quite a large number of pages, so you should edit them with great care and only if you are confident that your change will not break existing stuff.

      {{:Convert teams/row|...}} is there to make adding rows easier, because it is really repetitive (and makes the code even harder to read).

      For example {{:Convert teams/row|Angie Maitland|Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +|Spoonhead 11th Doctor|6484|1855|10020|8517}} will expand to following:

      |- | style="text-align:left; width:35%" | Angie Maitland
      Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart +
      Spoonhead 11th Doctor | style="text-align:left; width:150px" |Angie Maitland PortraitBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart + PortraitSpoonhead 11th Doctor Portrait|| 6484|| 1855|| 10020|| 8517

      As you can see there are multiple |'s which are used to render the final table (after it is starting with the {| ... | ...).

      To: the id="mw-customcollapsible-ConvertersBlue": I honestly have no good API how this works. I most often copy/paste existing code and do some trial&error.

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    • No worries about anything Alpha1812.  I'm enjoying the dialog altogether and appreciate the time you took to go over all of that ThatDWLguy.

      I took some time before you responded and eventually found most of the sources of the things I asked about.  I haven't dealt with templates before, but have a little programming knowledge, so they're understandable for the most part.  The only thing I haven't found yet, mostly due to lack of trying I suppose (work and life), is any reference to where the mw-customcollapsible-ConvertersBlue code is.  I'm guessing it's in a CSS file?

      I was thinking about the Convert teams/row template and wondering if it would be better to leave the row creation and cell starting part of the source code out of the template?  It would lead to a more familiar looking wikitable when looking at the source of the page.  It  would also allow for attributes to be added to the row without altering the template.

      As I recently discovered, if you want to pad a wikitable, you have to be cell specific, pretty much.  That is, if you're not entirely sure how wide a column might be based on its widest element.  That's pretty annoying, imho.  I'm guessing that's why "article-table" was used over "wikitable" on this page, because it has slightly more built-in padding?

      Final thought ... have you looked at the wiki on a mobile device?  Yeouch.  ;-)

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    • Yes I did but I have no idea why it looks so bad on mobile, tried to fixed it but the results were no improvement, if you know how to do it, feel free.

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    • @mobile: Overall I would say the wiki doesn't work well on the mobile version. The full site version on a mobile device works for me without any problems. I'm not sure whether it is worth to investigate why the mobile version sucks, but probably I'm not in a position to do anything about it (I have no clue, but I would think that for some needed changes admin rights might be necessary).

      @Convert teams/row: If you think it is an improvement, feel free to change it, but imo it is only a waste of character space to extract the row-start command. You can't even really keep the cell-start command out of it, because the template is exactly there to make multiple cells. Exposing the first cell but not following ones just seems illogical to me. (As for article-table vs. wikitable: I don't really know what the difference there is, I have just used something that worked :-).)

      I don't think that allowing specific attributes is a good reason to do this change, either. A template is there to allow to be consistent between all instances the template is used with. I would be interested what attribute you want to apply to a specific row only (at least in the convert team scenario).

      @id="mw-customcollapsible-ConvertersBlue": As I said, I don't know where the API for this feature is located. All I can say that it interacts with the class="mw-customtoggle-ConvertersBlue wikia-menu-button". I would assume that some JavaScript framework reads the class/id's tags and connects the two if the suffix is equivalent (you could change ConvertersBlue to a random strings without breaking the functionality).

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    • For mw-customcollapsible-ConvertersBlue, the main part of the code is mw-customcollapsible, the ConvertersBlue part is just for the button to know where to show/collapse. It is html code, you can read more here:

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    • A FANDOM user
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