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Theyre not statues! is the eighteenth level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that may have different colors, powers, and cooldowns than normal.

Name Gem Color Ability Cooldown
The Eighth Doctor Black/Green Cure poison. 15 combos
Heal allies for 82% Max HP. 75 combos
Josie Day Blue/Black Deal 25% damage to enemies current HP. 14 turns
Fan Area Grace Holloway Yellow/Yellow Increase 20% damage to all yellow attacks for 1 turn. 6 turns
Total HP: 10952


The enemies for this level are Weeping Angels and a Paradox. This level contains cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Weeping Angel Pixelated AEnemy BlackEnemy Red

Pixelated Weeping Angel A 1 / 2

Black 0 2k 1 You blink...: Blind 1
Time locked!: Lock II 1
Stunned!: Stun all 1
Red 60k 0 2 Dread: Weaken pink gems 1
Weeping Angel Pixelated BEnemy Yellow

Pixelated Weeping Angel B

Yellow 70k 0 800 1 Fear: Poison for 3 turns 1
Paradox Pixelated BEnemy Blue

Pixelated Paradox B

Blue 0 2.5k 1 Pulse: Frenzy 1


Wave Enemies
1 Pixelated Weeping Angel A 1
2 Pixelated Weeping Angel A 2 Pixelated Weeping Angel A 2
3 Pixelated Weeping Angel B Pixelated Weeping Angel B Pixelated Weeping Angel B
4 Pixelated Paradox B



Josie Day: It feels as if we're getting further and further away!

Eighth Doctor: Don't move! Don't close your eyes! Don't even blink!

Grace Holloway: Why!

Eighth Doctor: Those statues...

Josie: Yes?

Eighth Doctor: They're not statues at all!


Eighth Doctor: There!

Grace: Where?

Eighth Doctor: Through that portal.

Josie: At the heart of the Time Distortion? Are you mad?

Eighth Doctor: As a hatter! But now's not the time for that. Come on, into the portal while we've still got a chance!