The final piece is the seventy-sixth level of Chapter 3 (and the sixteenth level of The Hunt For Greyhound One). Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 24320 (15179) experience.


The enemies for this level are Snowmen.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Snowman MediumEnemy Red

Small Snowman 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Red 80k (40k) 1500 (500) 1k 1 5% blast: Damage: 5% current HP 1
Red 75k (40k) 1500 (500) 1k 1 7% blast: Damage: 7% current HP 1
Poison: 5%/turn for 5 turns
Red 50k 1500 (500) 1k 1 Stun all: Stun all allies for 1 turn 1
Lock: Lock II: 3 gems for 3 turns 1
Red 50k 1500 (500) 1k 1 Stun all 1
Blind 1
Red 50k 1500 (500) 1k 1 Stun all 1
Grab: Remove 1
Red 50k 1500 (500) 1k 1 Stun all 1
Syphon: Weaken pink gems 90% 1
Snowman LargeEnemy Red

Giant Snowman

Red 400k (125k) 3000 (750) 6k (5k) 3 Build snowman: Summon Snowman 3-6 1
Reform: Heal 15k 1
Stomp!: Shuffle 1
Deep freeze: Convert red and yellow to blue 1


Wave Enemies
1 Small Snowman 1 Small Snowman 1 Small Snowman 1 Small Snowman 1
2 Small Snowman 2 Small Snowman 2 Small Snowman 2 Small Snowman 2
3 Giant Snowman



Seventh Doctor: I must say I'm glad to be back in our reality. I've had quite enough of pocket universes.

Eighth Doctor: And surprises. I've had quite enough of those recently.

Third Doctor: We have the gears, cogs and container. Now we need one more piece before we track down the power supply.

River Song: Power supply? You mean the TARDIS couldn't power it?

Third Doctor: To make this work we're going to need a massive paradox of unimaginable proportions. But before that, we need something to focus the temporal energy, to punch through to the Brigadier's timeline. A lens made out of sentient material.

River Song: A sentient lens? That doesn't sound easy to track down. Have any ideas?

Eleventh Doctor: In fact I do...

<The TARDIS materializes on the streets of London.>

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