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The final battle pt. 2 is the thirtieth level of Sonic Adventure. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 29897 experience. The 100% drop for the level is The Twelfth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver.


The enemies for this level are The Master and two Toclafane. This level includes cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Roberts MasterEnemy Black

Roberts Master

Black 750k 0 3.5k 1 Immune for 99 turns 1
Defense: Invincibility for 5 turns 1
Summon Toclafane 1
Reflect all for 5 turns 1
White Toclafane SpikesEnemy BlueEnemy Red

Toclafane D 1 / 2

Blue 25k 500 Bomb random gems in 2 turns 2
Red 15k 0 Bomb random gems in 2 turns 2


Wave Enemies
1 Toclafane D 1 Roberts Master Toclafane D 2



Roberts Master: This ends now!


First Doctor: Our adventure is complete! Splendid work everyone! Time to head back to the TARDIS!