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The demons which haunt this place is the eighty-second level of Chapter 3 (and the twenty-second level of The Hunt For Greyhound One). Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 24561 (16759) experience.


The enemies for this level are Whisper Men.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Green Whisper ManEnemy Green

Green Whisper Man

Green 17k (75k) 2000 (500) 4500 (4000) 3 Stun: Stun target for 4 turns 1
Red Whisper ManEnemy Red

Red Whisper Man

Red 150k (75k) 1500 (500) 4000 (2000) 2
Black Whisper ManEnemy Black

Black Whisper Man

Black 150k (75k) 1500 (500) 2500 (1000) 1 Geist: Lock I: 5 gems for 4 turns 1
Sundered Whisper ManEnemy Black

Sundered Whisper Man

Black 200k (125k) 1500 (450) 3000 (1750) 1 Sundered: Immunity for 5 turns 1
Stop heart: Weaken pink gems 80% 1
To dust: Convert pink and yellow gems to black 1
Lifetap: 2000 (1500) after 1 turn 1


Wave Enemies
1 Green Whisper Man Red Whisper Man
2 Red Whisper Man Black Whisper Man
3 Sundered Whisper Man Sundered Whisper Man



Eleventh Doctor: As the web of time collapses around us we're going to start seeing whole races erased. Removed entirely from history. These "time sundered" Whispermen, barely corporeal to start with. Are being forcefully and painfully ripped from their own timeline. The last thing to go before they're completely removed is their anger, their hate. And right now all of that wonderful stuff is aimed directly at us. We need to stay as far away from those things as possible.

Tenth Doctor: We must be very careful. These enemies have the potential to be stronger than anything we've faced before.

Madame Vastra: What was that?!

War Doctor: They're flooding towards us! They're being attracted by our little experiment, we have to split up and get back to the TARDIS...NOW!