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The adventure begins! is the second level of Sonic Adventure and part of the free trial for this premium area.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that will later drop in the premium levels.

Name Gem Colors Ability Cooldown
SA The First Doctor Black/Yellow Convert pink to black 55 combos
Convert pink and green to black 80 combos
SA Cool Mickey Black/Green Increase damage from black gems by 20% 6 turns
SA Jack Harkness Green/Black Convert yellow and black to green 6 turns
SA Jo Grant Green/Red Increase heal from pink gems by 20% 6 turns
SA River Song Green/Yellow Convert red and blue to pink 6 turns
SA The First Doctors signet ring Blue/Black Reset gem board 6 turns


The enemies for this level are Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans, and a Zygon. This level includes cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
CybermanEnemy YellowEnemy Blue

Standard Cyberman 1 / 2

Yellow ~120k 500 1500 1 Pulse: Convert 2
Blue 500 1500 1 Lock II 1
Drone DalekEnemy Red

Drone Dalek

Red 500 1k 1 Grab: Remove 1
Supreme DalekEnemy Black

Supreme Dalek

Black 500 3k 2 Exterminate!: Damage 30% 2
Eternal DalekEnemy Yellow

Eternal Dalek

Yellow 500 1500 1
Carbine Sontaran BEnemy Blue

Carbine Sontaran B

Blue 500 2k 1 Shuffle 1
Rifle Sontaran BEnemy Blue

Rifle Sontaran B

Blue 500 2k 1 Stun 1
ZygonEnemy Red

Zygon A

Red 500 3500 1 Sap color: Weaken color 1


Wave Enemies
1 Standard Cyberman 1 Standard Cyberman 2
2 Drone Dalek Supreme Dalek Eternal Dalek
3 Carbine Sontaran B Rifle Sontaran B
4 Zygon A



First Doctor: And so our adventure begins!

Mickey Smith: From the estate to here, let's go save the universe!

First Doctor: I've tracked down the closest sonic device. It seems to be your sonic blaster, Captain!

Jack Harkness: My old Villengard special, it'll be good to have her back.