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The Time of the Doctor: A crack in time is the eleventh level of Chapter 3. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 22564 experience. The rare drop for the level is Tasha Lem.


The enemies for this level are Cybermen, Daleks and Dalek Transporters.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
CybermanEnemy Red

Standard Cyberman

Red 30k 400 2750 3 Lock: Lock II 1
Wooden CybermanEnemy Blue

Wooden Cyberman

Blue 40k 400 2500 2 Burn: Convert to red 1
Time War DalekEnemy Black

Time War Dalek

Black 40k 400 2250 2
Dalek TransporterEnemy Black

Dalek Transporter

Black 45k 400 1250 1
Dalek TransporterEnemy Black

Giant Dalek Transporter

Black 90k 500 2500 1 Lock Set: Lock I one line 1
Grab pink: Remove pink gems


Wave Enemies
1 Standard Cyberman Standard Cyberman
2 Wooden Cyberman
3 Standard Cyberman Wooden Cyberman Standard Cyberman
4 Time War Dalek Time War Dalek
5 Dalek Transporter Time War Dalek
6 Dalek Transporter Dalek Transporter
7 Giant Dalek Transporter