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The Time War is the twenty-fifth level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. The 100% drop for the level is a pixelated outfit for Petronella Osgood.


The Time War...

Rassilon: There have been reports of time distortions in the ruins of Estragil.

War Doctor: Your experiments have stirred up the Reapers. If you don't stop, they'll soon tear the rest of Gallifrey apart, too.

Rassilon: Don't be so sanctimonious. I do only what is necessary to win the war.

War Doctor: You do whatever you desire, and call it leadership. What you've done to those soldiers...Folding their timelines back on themselves. Resurrecting them to die over and over. It's wrong.

Rassilon: It's the only way. The Daleks attack on too many front. We need more soldiers. They give themselves willingly to our cause.

War Doctor: It's your cause. Not mine. I want no part of it.

Rassilon: Yet here you stand, ready to do my bidding. My soldiers will see an end to this conflict.

War Doctor: And it the Reapers destroy us in the process?

Rassilon: The Reapers have been dealt with. This is something else. Something we've never seen before.

War Doctor: And you want me to investigate.

Rassilon: No. I want you to do what you're best at. I want you to destroy it.

War Doctor: I'll need a Bowship. A TARDIS might disturb more Reapers.

Rassilon: Take it. Asmuth will accompany you. All of him.