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| valign="middle" | '''Image'''
| valign="middle" | '''Image'''
| [[File:Ten-std-bg.png|144px|Default outfit]] || [[File:Ten-gown-bg.png|144px|Oswin Oswald outfit]]
| [[File:Ten-std-bg.png|144px|Default outfit]] || [[File:Ten-gown-bg.png|144px|Dressing Gown outfit]]
| valign="middle" | '''Description'''
| valign="middle" | '''Description'''

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The Tenth Doctor is a red healing incarnation of the Doctor. The Tenth Doctor is often associated with his companions, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble.

The Tenth Doctor is the second Doctor made available in Doctor Who: Legacy, and can be unlocked in the Season 7 level Dalek Paradox.

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As an incarnation of the Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor's attributes are determined by the Doctor's rank and the companions in his team at any given time.


The Tenth Doctor has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Combos Description
1 Heal-power Courage 15 (30) combos Heal allies for 200 (500) HP.
2 Heal-power Fortitude 30 (50) combos Heal allies for 800 (2000) HP.
3 Heal-power Gallantry 50 (100) combos Heal allies for 2500 (6000) HP.
4 Heal-power Allons-y 75 (100) combos Heal allies for 4000 (10000) HP.


The Tenth Doctor requires the following time fragments at each rank to advance to the next.

Rank Needed to Upgrade
1 25px 4, 25px 4
2 25px 8, 25px 8, 25px 8
3 25px 12, 25px 12, 25px 12


The Tenth Doctor currently has the following outfits available to him.

Image Default outfit Dressing Gown outfit
Description Default Dressing Gown
Drop Default Advent Calendar
Episode  ??? "The Christmas Invasion"
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