The TARDIS is a Blue Black Balanced companion with a Reset power.

The TARDIS is a Rare Drop in the level The Rise of the Master part 2 (Chapter 3).


The TARDIS has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
1 121 15 40
10 264 74 135
20 682 248 414
30 1373 536 875
40 2336 938 1517
41 2448 984 1591 531
50 3572 1453 2341 702
60 5081 2082 3347 1004


The TARDIS has the following special power at each rank:

Rank Power Cooldown Description
1 Color-power Dematerialize 10 turns Reset all gem.
2 Color-power Dematerialize 9 turns Reset all gem.
3 Color-power Dematerialize 8 turns Reset all gem.
4 Color-power Dematerialize 7 turns Reset all gem.
5 Color-power Dematerialize 6 turns Reset all gem.
6 Color-power Dematerialize 6 turns Reset all gem.


The TARDIS currently has the following outfits:

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Tardis Tardis Siege Mode Tardis Web Covered
Default The TARDIS Portrait Siege Mode The TARDIS Siege Mode Portrait Web Covered The TARDIS Web of Fear Portrait
Drop Default (L40) The 5th Doctor Challenge 2 (L40) The Deadly Assassin (Happy Halloween 2014!)
Appearance Regular Appearance "Flatline" "Web of Fear"
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Tardis Time Squid Covered TARDIS Retro Comic
Time Squid Covered The Tardis Time Squid Covered Portrait Retro Comic TARDIS Retro Comic Portrait
Drop The Experience: Inside the Crinis! Christmas 2016 Universe
Appearance The Doctor Who Experience Adventure in Cardiff Regular Appearance
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