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The Rebel Flesh: Solar Tsunami is the thirty-fourth level of Chapter 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 17976 experience. The rare drop for the level is Miranda Cleaves.


The enemies for this level are Gangers and Gas Clouds.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Enemy Ganger Jennifer BEnemy Red

Jennifer Ganger B

Red 16k 100 1000 3 Let us live!: Heal 3k HP 1
Enemy Ganger MirandaEnemy Red

Miranda Ganger

Red 14k 50 700 2 Electrocute: Stun target for 4 turns 1
Coolant Leak BEnemy Green

Gas Cloud B

Green 15 8k 350 1 Poison fumes: Poison 10%/turn for 999 Turns 1
Coolant Leak FEnemy Blue

Gas Cloud F

Blue 15 8k 350 1 Poison fumes: Poison 10%/turn for 999 turns 1
Coolant Leak GEnemy Yellow

Gas Cloud G

Yellow 15 8k 350 1 Poison fumes: Poison 10%/turn for 999 Turns 1


Wave Enemies
1 Gas Cloud F
2 Jennifer Ganger
3 Gas Cloud G Gas Cloud B
4 Miranda Ganger
5 Jennifer Ganger Miranda Ganger


This level is difficult to many players for one main reason: the acid cloud enemy. The acid cloud enemy is unique due to its ability to spread poison that last 999 turns and an extremely high defence. At 8000 damage resistance,  it is almost impossible to defeat them in the first turn even using the companions with highest ATK available at this point in the game (roughly 2000 ATK at level 40).

The first problem of poison can be dealt with by using Cure Poison characters. The choice is usually down to personal preference. Using 8th Doctor relies on number of combos, which all depends on your luck with what gems are dropped. Punishment Medic and Malohkeh are your alternatives here, which charge up in 2 or 3 turns at rank 4. Also noteworthy is that Stun characters would not be of any use because your stun ability would not charged early or quickly enough to prevent you from being poisoned. However if you don't like the use of cure characters due to their low level or whatever reason you might have, there is a viable but harder method: build a team focusing on healing characters and healer characters.

The second problem of defence is a bit more difficult to deal with. As mentioned before, it is almost impossible to reach 8000+ damage, especially in the first turn. When an attack below 8000 damage hits the acid cloud, you would actually do 1 damage. This can actually be exploited since acid clouds only have 15HP. This meant all you have to do is hit the acid clouds with 15 individual attacks; if you have the entire team attack in the same turn every turn, it should only takes 3 turns to take them down.

When you reach wave 3, you will need to deal with 2 of them. Dealing with 2 of them is similar to the way you deal with it back in wave 1 but exploit the fact that a 5 gem combo will hit both of them; once again it is actually plausible to take them down in 3 turns. On the other hand, follow the teambuilding guide and build a team with convert synergy; companions with high ATK of right color and a combo containing 15 gems or more should be able to reach the 8000 damage threshold and defeat them within 1 turn.

However if you had gone with the healing route as suggested earlier, consider using 1 bomb character; bomb powers bypass defence and are capable of defeating them when the bomb detonates. It should be noted that damage power does not share the bomb power's ability to bypass defence; therefore it is pointless to bring damage characters for their abilities alone.