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For the enemy, see History Eater (enemy).
For the Fan Area level, see History Eater (Fan Area level).

The History Eater is the thirty-first level of Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. The 100% drop for the level is The Twelfth Doctor. The secondary 100% drop for the level is a pixelated outfit for the Twelfth Doctor.


The player is given a pre-set team of characters that may have different colors, powers, and cooldowns than normal.

Name Gem Color Ability Cooldown
The War Doctor Red/Black Stun all enemies for 4 turns. 45 combos
Deal 42% damage to enemies current HP. 60 combos
The War Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Black/Red Increase 20% damage to all black attacks for 1 turn. 8 turns
Total HP: 7655


The enemies for this level are Daleks. This level contains cracks in time.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Dalek PixelatedEnemy BlueEnemy Yellow

Pixelated Dalek 1 / 2

Blue 1 EXTERMINATE!: Damage 1
Temporal bomb: Bomb random gems in 3 turns 1
Yellow 1 EXTERMINATE!: Damage 1
Spider Dalek PixelatedEnemy Red

Pixelated Spider Dalek

Red 1 Temporal shift: Shuffle 1
Temporal Weapon Dalek PixelatedEnemy Black

Pixelated Temporal Weapon Dalek

Black 1 EXTERMINATE!: Damage 1
Glider Dalek PixelatedEnemy Green

Pixelated Glider Dalek

Green 1 EXTERMINATE!: Damage 1
Reflective shield: Reflect all for 2 turns 1
Decay timeline: Weaken pink gems 1


Wave Enemies
1 Dalek 1 Spider Dalek Temporal Weapon Dalek Glider Dalek
2 Glider Dalek Spider Dalek Spider Dalek Glider Dalek
3 Dalek 2 Dalek 2 Dalek 2 Dalek 2 Dalek 2



War Doctor: A supercharged sonic screwdriver. See what you make of that. (Holding Sonic) Burnt out. Ah, well...At least it wasn't the Reapers. Come and get me, then!

(The History Eater appears, vaporizing several Daleks)

War Doctor: Well, there's your 'time distortion', Rassilon. A beast that can swallow an entire Dalek army. Something from the very depths of time itself. What have you done...?

The General: Doctor! We received your distress call.

War Doctor: Better late than never.

The General: Right men! Take that thing down.

War Doctor: No! Look at it! It's distorting time. Even the Daleks can't land a hit on it. We don't stand a chance. Evacuate, right now!

The General: What...what is it?

War Doctor: Death. Whatever Rassilon's done, he's unleashed certain death on all of us.

The General: Back to the Capitol. While we still can.