The Eleventh Doctor is a blue balanced incarnation of the Doctor with a damage power. The Eleventh Doctor is often associated with his companions, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald, and with the enigmatic River Song.

The Eleventh Doctor is one of the starting characters in the game, and thus has no unlocking point or purchase price. He does, however, have numerous alternate outfits that can be unlocked throughout Season 7 and Season 6 play, as well as via alternative means.

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As an incarnation of the Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor's attributes are determined by the Doctor's rank and the companions' levels in his team at any given time. He has the following base attributes at each rank.

Rank HP-icon HP ATK-icon ATK Heal-icon Heal
1  ??  ??  ??
2 265 177 65
3  ??  ??  ??
4 1277 670 307


The Eleventh Doctor has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Combos Description
1 Attack-power Cunning 15 (30) combos Deal 200 (500) damage to all enemies.
2 Attack-power A Fast Plan 30 (??) combos Deal 500 (1000) damage to all enemies.
3 Attack-power A Little Luck  ?? (??) combos Deal 2000 (6000) damage to all enemies.
4 Attack-power Geronimo 50 (75) combos Deal 5000 (10000) damage to all enemies.


The Eleventh Doctor has the following outfits available to him.

Image Default outfit Prisoner outfit Monk outfit Fez outfit
Description Default Prisoner Monk Fez
Drop Default Sontaran Disturbance:
The Bells of Saint John
Sontaran Disturbance: USA /
Time Attack:
Sontaran Rampage

(Fan Area only)
The Name of the Doctor:
A Wound in Time
Episode  ??? "Day of the Moon" "A Good Man Goes to War" "The Big Bang"
Image Victorian Sporting a helmet and goggles Wearing a Stetson Bearded with a toga
Description Victorian Motorbike Stetson Soothsayer
Drop Advent Calendar Sontaran Disturbance:
 ??? Sontaran Disturbance:
The Snowmen
Episode "The Snowmen" "The Bells of Saint John" "The Impossible Astronaut" "The Wedding of River Song"
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