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The Cyber King: Call the TARDIS is the thirty-first level of Chapter 4.


Twelfth Doctor: Call the TARDIS!  Call the TARDIS! How many times do I have to say that?

Clara Oswald: How?!

Twelfth Doctor: Don't you lot carry mobile phones everywhere?

Clara Oswald: Well,yes. But I'm different, I use it for...

Twelfth Doctor: Yes, I'm sure you're nothing like the others. Selfies and likes and a frightening amount of over-sharing.

With one hand on Bessie's steering wheel he grabs Clara's mobile phone, tosses it in his lap, and uses his sonic screwdriver on it.

Clara Oswald: Do you want me to hold it? Speak to her?

Twelfth Doctor: What decade are you from? Bessie has hands free!

Bessie's old speakers crackle for a few seconds with static the start to ring, until...

River Song: The TARDIS residence, River Song speaking

Twelfth Doctor: Help us!

River Song: What do you want me to do? I'm above the city tracking you. Good driving, by the way.

Twelfth Doctor: Land the TARDIS!

River Song: Where?

Twelfth Doctor: On it!

River Song: It's going to take me a few minutes to disable the safeguards. Stay alive!