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The Beast Below: 3345 is the sixty-ninth level of Chapter 3 (and the ninth level of The Hunt For Greyhound One). The 100% drop for the level is Winder (Blue).


The enemy for this level is a Winder.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Angry Winder AEnemy Red

Angry Winder A

Red 1 0 10 3 (10)


Wave Enemies
1 Winder



Third Doctor: Now that we have the casing, we need the bits which go inside it. We need some very carefully crafted gears and cogs, created with such mathematical precision that they're almost unequalled across the universe.

Eleventh Doctor: Luckily I know just the place!

<The TARDIS materializes inside the marketplace on the Starship UK.>

Amy Pond: Seems like so very, very long ago now doesn't it, Doctor?

Eleventh Doctor: Longer than you could ever imagine.

Amy Pond: Doctor, a Winder!


<They attack a Winder, which takes damage before the fight stops almost immediately...>

First Doctor: Stop! Something is wrong, it's making no attempt to fight back.

Eleventh Doctor: Or something is right. The TARDIS has brought us to the right place, just not the right time. We're 50 years after I was last here. Ah old girl, always taking me where I need to go.

Rory Williams: So these thing [sic] won't attack us?

Eleventh Doctor: No, we have a history with this ship and her...driver. It's likely that they're being exceptionally friendly to Amy, not the rest of us.

Third Doctor: So what should we do with this "Winder"? It's following me around. Smiling.

Eleventh Doctor: If he wants to help us, let him help us. Let's start with something simple, shall we? Can you please take us to your engineering supply room?