This template simply gives an easier way to add a character head-portrait (single-color version) including a link to the character page.





The first parameter is the character name for the character in question.

size is optional and used to alter the image dimensions (default is 50px, resulting in a head-portrait with a width of 50 pixel). Size can be either provided as a named paramter size=... or as the second unnamed parameter.

ext and h are optional and used to alter the filename that is used. If not provided, the filename used is "<Character name> head.jpg".

  • ext is commonly adjusted for png
  • h is commonly adjusted to the capital letter, H
  • thus, a common-variation would prodice "<Character name> Head.png"


{{Head1|Martha Jones}}

Results in...

Martha Jones head

{{Head1|Martha Jones|100px}}

Results in...

Martha Jones head


Results in...

Frobisher Head because the filename (which can be searched-for and possibly redirected if necessary) was not where it was expected... namely
gives 75px so searching in all-files/File:-namespace/prefix=fro says the correct filename needed a capital-H and a png-extension...
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