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Sontaran Reinforcements is the forty-sixth level of Chapter 2. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 17798 experience.


The enemies for this level are two Sontaran Flagships and a Paradox.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Sontaran FlagshipEnemy Black

Giant Sontaran Flagship

Black 35k 250 2000 2 Launch Missile: Bomb: 1600 after 1 turn 1
Tractor Beam: Remove 1
Engineering Team: Heal 7500 HP 1
Sontaran FlagshipEnemy Black

Sontaran Flagship

Black 28k 250 900 1 Launch Missile: Bomb: 1600 after 1 turn 1
Engineering Team: Heal 5k HP 1
Drain power: Weaken pink gems 20% 1
Paradox2Enemy Red

Paradox B

Red 40k 250 2000 2 Lock Time: Lock II: 6 gems for 4 turns 1
Warp: Convert pink gems to green 1


Wave Enemies
1 Giant Sontaran Flagship Sontaran Flagship
2 Paradox


Before second wave[]

<The 8th Doctor scans the paradox with his sonic screwdriver.>

Eighth Doctor: There is something different about this paradox. The readings are all wrong. All the other paradoxes we've encountered were rips in time. Tears. Time shattering at the seams as the Sontarans changed pivotal events in the past and reality tried, failed, to reconcile events. But this one. This one wasn't caused by the Sontarans meddling with time.

<The 6th Doctor walks up and likewise starts to scan the paradox.>

Sixth Doctor: Look at the chronon energy signature coming from the paradox. This isn't natural. Someone or something is trying to force a paradox. Force a gateway... to here? To us? Creating a paradox would take not only something capable of traversing the time vortex but something with access to a substantial... No, a massive amount of power.


<A heavily distorted voice seems to cry out from the paradox before it vanishes with a flash of light. Then, silence.>