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Sontaran Disturbance: The Snowmen is the forty-first level of Chapter 1. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 9044 experience. The rare drop for the level is the Soothsayer outfit for the Eleventh Doctor.


The enemies for this level are Snowmen, Sontarans, and an Ice Governess.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Snowman MediumEnemy Yellow

Medium Snowman

Yellow 4k 0 150 1
Rifle Sontaran BEnemy Yellow

Rifle Sontaran B

Yellow 6k 0 400 2
Unarmed Sontaran BEnemy Yellow

Unarmed Sontaran B

Yellow 6k 0 500 3 Clone Feed: Poison 10%/turn for 5 turns 1
Carbine Sontaran BEnemy Yellow

Carbine Sontaran B

Yellow 6k 0 150 1
Carbine Sontaran AEnemy Yellow

Carbine Sontaran A

Yellow 6k 0 600 3 Heal: 6k HP 1
Ice GovernessEnemy Yellow

Ice Governess

Yellow 8k 0 750 3 Coalesce: Heal 1k HP 1


Wave Enemies
1 Medium Snowman Medium Snowman Medium Snowman
2 Rifle Sontaran B Unarmed Sontaran B
3 Ice Governess
4 Carbine Sontaran B Carbine Sontaran A
5 Rifle Sontaran B Carbine Sontaran A Unarmed Sontaran B



Seventh Doctor: I don't wish to alarm anyone, but for several hours something has been intermittently scanning the TARDIS. Getting through her shielding, defensive measures, scanning each of us. Stay alert. Be careful.

Before second wave[]

Sontaran: We've tracked them down, alert Vade the Defiant!