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|image = [[File:Solomon_robot.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[File:Solomon_robot.jpg|225px]]
|name = Solomons Robots
|name = Solomons Robots
|origin =Unknown
|origin =Unknown

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Solomon's Robots are enemies of the Doctor. They are two Robot Merenaries owned by Solomon.

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Types and colors

There are two types of Solomon's Robots.

Name Description/Image Color Powers
Yellow Robot 130px Yellow Convert (Pulse) Remove (Tantrum)
Green Robot 130px Green Convert (Shift)


Solomon's Robots appear in the following levels:

Season Level N. of enemies Types/Colors Powers
7 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Awakening 1 Yellow Convert
7 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Run! 2 Yellow, Green Convert, Remove
7 Solomons Robots 2 Green Convert
7 Attack of the Season 7 Robots 2 Yellow Convert, Remove
7 Time Attack: Robots 2 Yellow, Green Convert, Remove
6 Second in Command 2 Green Convert
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