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Snowmen in the rain is the twelfth level of Chapter 3. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 22798 experience.


The enemies for this level are Snowmen.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Snowman MediumEnemy Yellow

Small Snowman

Yellow 15 75k 1000 1 Heal ally 1
Snowman MediumEnemy Yellow

Medium Snowman

Yellow 40k 400 1250 1 Freeze: Stun target for 3 turns 1
Snowman LargeEnemy Yellow

Large Snowman 1 / 2

Yellow 60k 500 2500 2
Yellow 60k 500 1350 1 Shuffle 1


Wave Enemies
1 Medium Snowman
2 Medium Snowman Medium Snowman Medium Snowman
3 Large Snowman 1 Large Snowman 1
4 Large Snowman 2
5 Medium Snowman Medium Snowman
6 Small Snowman Small Snowman Small Snowman Small Snowman


The tiny Snowmen have low HP, but high defence. Focus on 5-gem combos for as many attacking allies as possible each turn. Stunning is particularly helpful when you get to the last one or two, to prevent their Heal Ally (Ally includes "Self") power from cancelling out your damage every turn.



Eleventh Doctor: We left the town called Christmas as the storm started to ease off.


[With the image of the First Doctors Tardis' control room in the background]

<At another time, another place...>

First Doctor: I watched as they broke free of the time storm and continued on their crusade, and I watched as my old nemesis started to enact his nefarious plan. It was almost time for me to make my move.