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| name = Snowman
| name = Snowman
| image = [[File:Snowman.jpg|250px]]
| image = [[File:Snowman.jpg|240px]]
| origin = Earth (Great Intelligence)
| origin = Earth (Great Intelligence)
| debut = "The Snowmen"
| debut = "The Snowmen"

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The Snowmen are one of the enemies of the Doctor. They were created by the Great Intelligence in Victorian London to take over the world. They are mainly villains of Season 7.

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Types and colors

Name Description/Image Color Powers
Yellow Snowman 120px Yellow Bomb (Snowball), Convert to black (Black Ice), Weaken green (Sap green)
Black Snowman File:Black snowman.jpg Black Convert to black (Black Ice), Summon (Pack Snow, Rebuild)
Blue Snowman A (with small mouth) Blue Convert to black (Black Ice)
Blue Snowman B 120px Blue Convert to black (Black Ice), Poison (Poison Ice), Stun (Slick Floor), Convert to red (Slick Floor)
Green Snowman 120px Green Convert (Melting in Rain), Weaken (Melting in Rain), Lock
Giant Black Snowman Black Poison
Giant Blue Snowman 120px Blue Poison (Froozen Blod)


The snowmen appear in the following levels (incomplete):

Season Level N. of enemies Types/Colors Powers
7 The Snowmen: Backstreets of London 6 Yellow and Blue (B) Convert to black (Blue)
7 The Snowmen: The Latimer Residence 7 Yellow and Blue (B) Convert to black (Blue)
7 The Snowmen: The Great Intelligence 6+ Yellow and Blue (A, B) Convert to black (Blue)
7 Ascent of the Governess 5 Yellow and Blue (B) Convert to black (Blue)
7 Nerves of Dalekanium 3 Yellow None
7 Time Attack: The Allies of the Great Intelligence 3 Yellow and Blue Convert to black (Blue)
7 Season 7 Finale: An Ancient Hatred 2+ Black and Green Convert to black (Black), Lock (Green)
6 Snowmen Revisited 18 Yellow Bomb, Convert to black (Yellow)
6 Time Attack: 1892 9+ Yellow None
6 No Black Gems: Old friends, older enemies part 2 4 Yellow Weaken green
5 Prologue: Into the time storm 4 Yellow and Blue (A) Heal ally, Convert blue to black
5 Our Christmas Invasion 4 Blue (A) and Giant Black Convert to black, Poison
Advent Pack Snowmen in the Rain 13+ Blue, Green, Black Convert (Green), Stun (Blue), Summon (Black)
Advent Pack Expert: Snowmen in the Rain 13+ Blue, Green, Black Poison, Convert to red (Blue), Convert to black, Neutralize, Weakens (Green), Summon (Black)
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